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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Root Beer
I like root beer, and it annoys me to no end that its impossible to get great root beer in the South. Really its probably one of my few lingering complaints about the South. But I may have a solution!

Brew your own root beer. :)

This is why I'm starting to miss Matt (who has been out of communication at Governor's School) if he was here it would be easy to find an excuse to run out to walmart and collect some extract, pure cane sugar, quality water, a funnel, and possibly some fresh yeast. He's not so ether some crisis may crop up (it might) and I'll get it tonight or it will wait until tomorrow as I return from class.

Of course it looks like its dependent on the quality of the extract for flavor (cane sugar and pure water help) and I question how good the stuff at walmart is going to be. If it works tho' I may start seeking out better extracts and syrups.

But mmm, simply looking at that page is making my mouth water (quite literally, not figuratively)

I think I'm off to instigate a minor crisis....

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