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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Some People Shouldn't be Teaching
As I sit here, in a class, where I really wouldn't want to be if given a choice (and according to state funding practices - shouldn't be anyways)I'm thinking about what it is that is really irratating me about the class (aside from the fact that its late June, a very comfortable 82F, and that I could be being finacially reimbursed for enjoying the outdoors right now)

(break to do mandatory classwork)

I was going to give the teacher the benifit of the doubt and say while not completly ignorant, she was generally unable to teach programming effectivly (She is pretty much incapable of teaching with analogy - which is essential in Science and Technology, if not all subject matters, doubly so with adult education - which is how Surry is geared) and had a leaning towards supression weather than a shared learning enviroment (I can't count the number of times I've basically been told to sit down and shut up when I was helping classmates understand subjects she wasn't able to communicate effectivly), but before I got to write that part I recieved the next assignment in which one component is "how many companies in our area are using MySQL" - I don't care if its a "research paper" - had she done any work she would have realized that thats a nearly impossible question to answer (other than 0-5 anyways). First there are only a few remotly dynamic websites in the area, secondly they're all hosted on diehard M$ hosting platforms (read - we don't need to stinkin' OSS - that means you dolphin boy) or are using PHP (or some other server scripting language) to create static pages (which accounts for all the local bloggers ie Blogger, LiveJournal) The local arts council may be running MySQL, and I'm running MySQL for some of my efforts but thats pretty much it.

Anyways I need to cook up 2 pages of fodder for this BS report. I'm betting there's going to be aother disagreement....

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