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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Something Positive
First off, if you're one of the 500 some people who have visited me in the last 48 hours we're going to clear something up - that post was the exception. This blog is a hair above the 11 million blogs that are little more than driveling moron someone made the mistake of giving an internet connection, and furthermore a blog to. I'm not a Drunken Blog, 43 Folders or a Jason Kottke I have a few nice posts, but they're not a daily (or even weekly) affair.

Still you're welcome to subscribe to the rss feed to the left or just come back once in a while.

Anyways with that off my chest I can go back to my irregularly scheduled non-sense:

Something Positive has a nice line today: Rattlesnakes have their rattles, Porcupines have quills, and assholes have cellphones or Jesus Fish on their cards.

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