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Monday, June 20, 2005
Walmart vs Target
I'll save you the cutesy pun filled title, but MSNBC has an interesting article on how Walmart is planning on pushing Target into Bankruptcy Court.

Personally I don't see it happening.

The MSNBC article suggests that Walmarts main tactic is low costs (which Target can marginalize on many items) but in its war on Target would be bringing in "cheap chic" which in all honest Walmart just can't do.

In my mind there are two reasons.

First (which the article hits on) is that walmart is junky. I mean even the "high end" walmarts look like a goodwill that is scoring new in box items rather than 2nd hand shit. The local walmart is starting to stock some "chic" items but they still look like shit when crammed in between the rest of the junk. Walmart dumps $5.50 DVDs into bins, Targets find a place to put them on shelves.

Secondly walking though walmart feels like walking though a maximum security prision. How many dozen camera domes do walmarts have or really need. It seems like there are one or two for each isle. Then there are the electronic locks on everything. I was buying some spices the other day and the clerk was waving them over the demagnetizer. Its mildly annoying.

Anyways, with luck this will be yet another death knoll for Walmart.

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