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Sunday, June 19, 2005
What the fuck - "Vital Test"?
Congress, including the goon that renamed french (food item) to freedom (food item), have been pushing Bush to develop a pull out plan that would have us out of the middle east within a 15 months. Unsurprisingly, Bush is refusing citing that the military activity in the Middle east isn't vital to the protection of the states (which would be the only semi-valid reason he could possibly spout), but that its a "vital test" of American security?

How exactly is a SNAFUed war a "vital test" of American security? Are we practicing shooting and torturing civilians because we can't do that at home? Maybe its dropping bombs on schools and hospitals? Or could it be that we're needlessly putting soldiers in harms' way to see how well we can duck and cover our asses while pissing off a swarm of well armed bess?

I'm sorry but if the only reason we're staying in the middle east is because its a "vital test" I'd say test failed.

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