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Monday, June 06, 2005
Windows - Becase anything else is too secure
I know the elections are long since over, but I recently ran across a list of '04 presidential candidates and the server software combinations their campaign sites used. Somewhat unsurprisingly Only three used Microsoft IIS (read rancid piece of decaying web server bloatware that barely works because it was cobbled together by Microsoft in order to quell some superior product), two of them on Windows - one of which was Bushes (Edwards used it as well - but ran it on a somewhat less crappy novell server)

What makes this particularly tasty is that during one of the debates las September Bush's site crashed leaving a "service unavailable" message for anyone bored or stupid enough to visit. I blogged it back then for a different reason, but hey - this lets me throw a punch at Microsoft and Bush at the same time.

What fun!

now for not fun (murmurs) damned class

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