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Thursday, September 29, 2005
The not so fun side effects of sleep deprivation
I'm not getting the REM cycles I need and I know it. Trust me I've been trying to this week but it just hasn't been happening for assorted reasons (at least the crickets are quieting down as it gets cooler) I have every intention of being asleep before 8PM tonight and will kill anyone who dares wake me short of a massive disaster.

However I'm noticing some really weird, very not fun side effects of sleep deprivation.

The first is the headache. When I'm short a few hours sleep I know it because of a general headache, but with as little sleep as I have this week, I'm noticing a special headache. A double headache. It feels like my head is split into 6 quadrants, and two non touching quadrants are hurting, one distinctly more than the other. I don't think I've ever had that happen before

Furthermore my tongue isn't working right, I kind of feel like Gully Foyle from Bestler's "The Stars my Destination" (one of my favorite books) Specifically the scene where his senses are mixed up. When I had some sugar based candies the moment it touched my tongue there was a shocking pain, sort of burning, and as that subsided it tasted rancid and extremely bitter.

I'm also dazed but functional. I was drafted into some stupid task during class this morning, some server configuration, and did it perfectly while 1/3rd (or less) awake.

Strange Strange Things.

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