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Saturday, September 17, 2005
Propriters of good taste
Don't you just love religious fanitics, first they make a big stink about how the Janet Jackson's Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction" was in horrible taste and they only get away with such things because of liberals with insufficent morals. In their minds the people who show vulgar images should be drawn and quartered. Well at least liberals and those of us with "bad ethics and morals" aren't parading around a fleet trucks with pictures of fetuses in an effort to sway others into our view points. In my mind this is like burning a flag to make political statements. Its your 1st amendment and basic human right to do so, but it is somewhat hypocritical and is only damaging your position of "higher moral grounds".

Sick freaks.

"religious fanitics" is this some sort of food, or maybe an old ancient race? but anyway, If you're offended by the way these "fanitics" are going about making their point - get over it, if they want to be hypocritical jerks - let em. I personally don't support abortion but I agree that they could be more effective in their conveyance of their ideas without being labeled as the "Sick freaks" that they probably are.
I'm done rambling.
I think.
But I could go on.
Or not.
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