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Monday, September 12, 2005
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Rocket, Black Hole...
I just saw this item pop up in one of my RSS feeds.

Its an enhanced version of Rock Paper Scissors (everyone's favorite example of practical psychology) mapped out to include 15 items. My family has had something similar for nearly 10 years, which my Dad and I stated in a line either at an amusement park or in line for the opening of an over-hyped celebrity restaurant (in southeast Iowa) Ours is a lot more fun lasers, mirrors, rockets, an air force, black-holes, among other items. Unlike the linked to RPS15 our version isn't exactly mapped out with clear winners. as I remember it the winner was whoever could make the best argument for their victory that round (except black hole which resulted in the complete and total destruction of a game, unless it was blacked by a rock).

I'm old today [sunday], reminiscing about mutated versions of rock paper scissors (and having remember stuff about the flood of '93 earlier - I'm fairly sure my brothers don't really have memories from 1993)

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