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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Blogger Bugs
I'm really getting tempted to screw template conversion/redesigns and jump ship to a real blogging system, blogger as a whole is getting really crusty. Its great for beginners but as a more experienced user I'm noticing some major problems.

Updating is a hit or miss proposition. Sometimes it uploads in a snap, other times it idles for hours before it stalls out

Management on any sizable blog is crud. I'm near or past 1300 and finding older posts I want to reference is tough to say the least. For something owned by a search company, you would think the search features wouldn't suck so bad.

Reliable feed. Blogger spontaneously updates unchanged items to updated in the feed. On blogs like this, Sience and Politics or Circadiana where there might be a couple dozen posts on the home-page, one occurrence of this blogger glitch means I could have an extra 100 unread items to sort out from the 4 or 5 new posts. I'll admit this could be a quirk of my newsreader and personal settings, but even sent though feedburner the feed can get borked.

splogs. Blogger is the easiest system to create a blog with, which means that some social lowlifes have written scripts that hammer out junk blogs filled with junk posts in a clear attempt to flood google with BS.

Interface. Simple is good, but how about an advanced panel. Google has tied on tons of functionality to blogger, how about making it easy to access.

Backup. I've seen blogger blogs disappear, and when I have 1300 posts I want a backup and recovery system. One click publishing is good, how about a one click backup in a standard format. (OPML?)

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