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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Fox News Strikes Again
I love my local TV stations, especially their seriously confused and out of date news coverage examples from tonight:

anchor 1) No flu shots at Lowes Foods until saturday
anchor 2) No flu shots at Lowes Foods after saturday

Not enough Flu shots - thanks for the obvious, but what year is this not the case?

WhooHoo! a potential pandemic of Bird Flu spead the misinformation!
But at least we're sinking more money into a vaccine that always makes good, despite the fact that the FDA needs years to approve new drugs. Woops.

Neat, its a job alert
144 jobs are being offshored removed to make the company more competitive with asian imports.
I thought job alerts were supposed to alert you to potential employment, not the destruction of positions.

Apparently they think there was a meteorite the other night, despite the fact that they don't know it hit the ground (at least I didn't hear them if they said that it did), so we'll just ignore that complimicated scientificalist gobble gook and not bother looking up the right term (meteoroids)

I'm trying to figure out why they're flashing the anchor's email addresses up on screen.

"its unclear what happened during that [closed] session", uhh, yeah, its what you call a "closed session" its a sessions that "closed" to the public, (and those pesky journalist types - can't trust them to keep secrets)

DeLay wants a new judge, something about the one he had not being a republican.

It didn't rain. Again. Somehow that qualifies as a news item.

I wonder why the commercials are quickly outnumbering the news segments.

Water restirction? Its November 1st, not June 1st. Why the hell do they need to water their lawns? Well other than they fact that its been hovering around 70 the last few days and they're expecting it to come near 80 this weekend

The not job alert: There's a career fair tomorrow!

Coming up: Wireless trucks. Err, thats a nice vague brief

Mmmmm, commercials. Again. Grrr.
Commercial - Good, quitting smoking and tobbacco use.
opinion - Bad raising taxes on cigerattes and other tabaccoo to help coerce people into quitting

on no, oyster prices are too high to have festivals. What a shame. We're blaming Katrina and Rita too

Not in my back yard: they heard about the nuclear power plant too. I don't think the anchor liked that news.

we're to 1 story, 1 2 3 4 5 6 commercials

Finally we're back

Wireless internet in your truck. Hurray, because we all know how safe those Big F*ing truck drivers are safe now.

Commercial or news, sprint is selling phones

Hey they just found out about "second life"
"at first glance it looks like a video game but its really an alternate universe"
damn science and facts
anchor "those people need to get out and experience the real world, they shouldn't be living so vicariously"
another anchor "yeah did you see that creator? he really looks like it needs to get out"
yeah, lets just escape into the real world where we have naive condescending idiots like you stereotype geeks who, oh by the way, are making a hell of a lot more than you.

speaking of stupid entertainment that consumes your time and lets freaks live vicariously
NASCAR!!! (and other televised sporting events)

I love hypocrites, especially the local news anchor variety.

I was actually waiting for the second life piece (not even local), and ended up watching 55 drivel filled minutes of local FOX "news" coverage that Rocketboom can cover just as well in under 5 minutes. At with Rocketboom, I don't need to poke fun at incorrect, biased, naive "coverage" they do it for me.

That's an hour of my life I want back. They've got some fat guy singing (badly), I think that's my clue to finish this up

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