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Thursday, November 10, 2005
A few day ago I linked in passing to a blogspot blog that's quickly become the core of a student protest in planning at the community college I'm attending. Its only been around for about 2 weeks but its already collected 100+ comments and based on the few links floating back to me and my experiences with the hyper-paranoid administration, a good deal of traffic. Now its really starting to get some attention. The local (and mostly inept) newspaper has taken notice of the situation (due in part because of the blogs existence) and is starting to probe around with a reporter (who didn't care to send traffic to the blog).

Wednesday the Student Government Association voted to launch a committee to look into some of the claims and will come back in a few weeks to see about moving this up the chain. The SGA also decided to investigate relaunching a school newspaper/newsletter, again due in part to the buzz generated by the anonymous blog.

I'm a much different demographic than those involved most with this. I'm tech savvy and have been blogging for a couple years, and maintained a web presence for longer than that.

However its pretty neat that students at a community college serving an area that for decades was (and still wishes it was) based in textiles and tobacco managed to start change though a fairly disorganized, distrustful, and mostly anonymous blog (some comments criticize that point).

Now that there's some more formal structure and coverage, I expect more to be done, but its neat that in an area you would least expect it, blogs are being used to turn things around.

I'm hoping, and will probably be emailing some of the people working on the committee and with the people starting the newspaper, to try and convince them to stay online with blogs and online tools. I doubt this area is enlightened enough, and tech savvy enough to follow the path Greensboro, Raleigh-Durham, Chapel Hill, and Charlotte are blazing, but maybe there's some hope.

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