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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Its being very clearly outlined to me I am being seriously screwed by High School University. I'm internet technology and I'm pretty much the only person in the degree track who is anywhere close to being able to take the capstone corse this spring. (I'm also just about the only person in the track who knows anything about internet technology other than "Ooooh Interweb"). There's one other person who says they're looking at taking it (good person, but I don't know how he is to take a capstone), and maybe one other who is ready for it. I can guartee however, that noone who might be taking the ITN project couse has all of the required classes. I'm looking at a killer load of at least 7 classes. I'm sorry but this degree isn't sleep deprivation / sucide. So 3 people, none of whom will be able to graduate after completing the class. Furthermore they cancel courses with twice as many students. I'm not holding high hopes for being able to move beyond Surry in June 2006.

There are a lot of problems with this school. A lot of problems that no one currently recieving a paycheck from the school is willing to admit or address.

I'm not the only one who recognizes this either.

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